The following is an ongoing list of known Democratic candidates and incumbents who have announced their intent to be listed on Muscogee County ballots for:

  • the March 24, 2020 Presidential Primary (moved to May 19 June 9)
  • the May 19 June 9, 2020 Primary for U.S. President, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Public Service Commission, Georgia General Assembly and Local Offices
  • the May 19 June 9, 2020 Non-Partisan Election for Local Offices

This list also includes Democratic incumbents who have not yet announced their retirement from said positions, candidates for non-partisan offices who have received our endorsement, and primary ballot questions. To contact our Campaign & Candidate Support Subcommittee for support or to seek endorsement of your campaign by our Post Committee, click here to fill out our form.

In addition, there will be 6 statewide advisory questions on the ballot as suggested by the Democratic Party of Georgia. These will be advisory and their results will not have the force of law.

Federal Offices


For U.S. Senate (Perdue)

For U.S. Senate (Loeffler, special on November 6)

For U.S. House District 2

For U.S. House District 3

State Offices

Public Service Commissioner District 1

Public Service Commissioner District 4

For GA Senate District 15

For GA House District 134

  • Carl Sprayberry
  • William Tauxe

For GA House District 135

  • Calvin Smyre (i)

For GA House District 136

  • Carolyn Hugley (i)

For GA House District 137

  • Debbie Buckner (i)

For City/County/Regional Offices

For District Attorney of Chattahoochee Judicial Circuit

For Sheriff

For Tax Commissioner

  • Lula Huff (i)

For Solicitor General

  • Suzanne Goddard (i)

For Municipal Court Judge

  • Steven Smith (i)

For Municipal Court Clerk

  • Reggie Thompson

For Judge of Probate Court

  • Marc D’Antonio (i)

For Coroner

  • Buddy Bryan (i)

For Superior Court Clerk

  • Danielle Forte (i)

Here are the candidates for non-partisan office, which may include Democrats: 

For City Council District 2

  • Glenn Davis (i)

For City Council District 4

For City Council District 6

  • Gary Allen (i)

For City Council District 8

  • Walker Garrett (i)

For City Council At-Large 10

  • John House (i)

School Board Member District 1

  • Pat Hugley Green (i)

School Board Member District 3

School Board Member District 5

  • Laurie Cochran McRae (i)

School Board Member District 7

State Court Judge

  • Benjamin Richardson (i)

NOTE: Marshal’s Office went uncontested due to the office being abolished by the General Assembly effective January 1, 2021.

Democratic Primary Advisory Questions

  1. Should Georgians work to stop climate change and listen to the scientific community, which recommends immediate action to combat this serious threat to our planet?
  2. Should Georgia enact basic standards to protect our environment from wasteful plastic items that pollute our state?
  3. Should every eligible Georgian be allowed to register to vote on Election Day to make sure everyone can exercise their right to vote?
  4. Should Georgia take partisanship out of the redistricting process and have an independent commission draw district lines instead of politicians?
  5. Should our criminal justice system end the discriminatory cash bail system that allows the wealthy to buy their way out of jail while disadvantaging lower-income Georgians?
  6. Should every Georgian that has served their sentence for a crime they committed be allowed to have their voting rights restored?