Press Release: 2021 Brings Renewed Energy & New Leadership to the Muscogee County Democratic Committee

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Columbus, GA January 11, 2021 – The Muscogee County Democratic Committee held its bi-annual election on November 17, 2020. Our newly elected Executive Board members are introduced below. They took office on January 1, 2021 and were duly sworn in on January 8, 2021.

Chair, Tonza S. Thomas was born in Columbus, Georgia and raised in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a Civil Rights Activist, Social Justice Minister, Silver Life member, former state secretary and president of the NAACP. She’s a descendant of the oldest Black Cemetery in Stewart Co., Georgia, the daughter of an Associate Pastor, and a veteran of the US Marine Corps. She has previously served as a state officer for
Georgia Phi Beta Lambda and Student State Leadership Council at Columbus Technical College.

1st Vice-Chair, David Smith has been involved in democratic politics since he was 17 years old and has since volunteered on dozens of campaigns. He has served on the post committee of the MCDC since the age of 18. In 2016 he had the honor of serving as a delegate to the national democratic convention in Philadelphia. In 2020 he worked diligently as a field organizer for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

2nd Vice-Chair, Walter Nesbitt was born and raised in Fulton County, the heart of Atlanta, GA. He retired honorably after serving 24 years in the U.S. Army. He’s been married to his sweetheart for 36 years. After military retirement, he became a unionist, as well as a shop steward. Later on he held the position of executive officer. His political knowledge was cultivated while working in the capacity of Legislative Political Coordinator. However, in 2008 while he was learning to be a door knocker is when his work as an elective official truly came to fruition. He finally understood what it meant to hold leaders accountable. He was elected as a Post Seat Holder of District 8 in 2017 and since that time has known that his passion for making Georgia blue would never turn off. GO BLUE!!!

Recording Secretary, Yvette Maxwell was born and raised in Japan, her father was in the Air Force. She joined and served in the Navy as a young adult. She is an activist at heart and is always looking to get into some “Good Trouble.” Her goal is for us to work together to make Georgia BLUER!

Corresponding Secretary, Ruth Carpenter arrived in Columbus, GA in 1983 from NYC by way of the military. She served our country four years active duty, twenty-two years as a reservist and retired as a LTC after twenty-six years in the US Army. She graduated from John Jay College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. She is a member of the American Legion, and served 3 years as the District Junior Vice Commander with the 3d District of American Legion.

Treasurer, Marjorie Jackson is a retired accountant for the Columbus Area Habitat for Humanity. She also served as a CB Grant officer at the Habitat for Humanity International level. She has been a very committed MCDC executive board member, serving as the treasurer for several terms.

Who are we?
The Muscogee County Committee of the Democratic Party stands for freedom and justice for all Muscogee residents, no matter who they are, where they’re from or who they love. We support voters, candidates and leaders who seek to make our government more equitable, open and free.

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PRESS RELEASE: MCDC Calls for Mayor and City Council to Issue Stay-At-Home Order for Columbus-Muscogee County

PRESS RELEASE: MCDC Calls for Mayor and City Council to Issue Stay-At-Home Order for Columbus-Muscogee County

March 25, 2020
Muscogee County Democratic Committee
Point of Contact: Laura Walker, Chair
706-536-8878 /

With the rise in positive diagnoses for COVID-19 in Columbus, in Georgia, and in our neighboring state of Alabama, the Muscogee County Democratic Committee is urging Mayor Skip Henderson and the Columbus City Council to issue and ENFORCE a citywide STAY AT HOME order. The exceptions for the order would be for essential services such as grocery stores, banks, public health facilities, and industries that support our supply chain and infrastructure in the City of Columbus.

The COVID-19 virus is spreading exponentially across our state and region. Hospitals, medical supply provisioners, and health care providers are already reaching their limits to care for our sick. Albany, to our south, is in a highly dangerous situation with the number of infected and dead increasing daily. Atlanta’s hospitals have reached their ICU bed capacity but the virus is still spreading quickly. And right across the border in Lee County, Alabama, there is a “hot spot” of infection that is the third highest in their state.

Despite the examples of emergency levels of infection around us, Muscogee County residents are still gathering recklessly and having to work outside of the home providing non-essential services. We have such a great opportunity to help “flatten the curve” of infection by taking steps NOW to prevent this level of lethality in Columbus! Mayor Henderson, you have placed yourself in voluntary quarantine. Not everyone is as conscientious as you’ve been. Strong leadership is needed to PREVENT catastrophic outcomes. Once Muscogee County’s positive test results start to exponentially increase, our window of opportunity will have passed.

Please protect our Columbus citizens:

  • with pre-existing conditions and chronic disease
  • who are or care for senior adults and children
  • who are in vulnerable economic positions; those whose jobs won’t provide them with paid sick leave, those whose service jobs can’t be done from the safety of home, those whose employers will not put human lives above profit without a mandate

Profits and business are important. The Muscogee County Democratic Committee is grateful that the US Senate just passed a vital economic aid package. Economies will recover. People who die from COVID-19 will not. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACT.

Please do the hard right versus the easy wrong. Mayor Henderson and City Council: please issue the STAY AT HOME order today. Save our lives! #StayAtHomeColumbusGA