Black Lives Matter: An Invitation

We affirm that Black Lives Matter, that structural inequalities in our city, state and country have not received the sort of policy or practice which affirms the value of Black lives, and commit ourselves to fighting institutional and structural racism in Columbus. We also call for the release of those who have been arrested here in Columbus while exercising their First Amendment rights against police brutality and racism.

Columbus has had numerous instances of anti-Black violence by the police akin to the murders of George Floyd in Minneapolis and Breonna Taylor in Louisville. We say the names of Clarence Pickett (d. 1956), Willie J. Osbourne (d. 1971) and Kenneth Walker (d. 2003), all of whom died from acts of brutality by officers of the Columbus Police Department. 

Columbus, to this day, still lives with such issues as an effective racial and economic split between North and South Columbus, with poverty, lowered health outcomes, higher rates of violence, reduced access to food and higher rates of police-related violence in South Columbus while wealth is still greatly concentrated in North Columbus. This is a catastrophe which all Columbus residents must fight and end. 

But to fight institutional and structural racism in this city, we would like to ask Black Columbus residents:

  • What experiences have you had with police brutality in Columbus?
  • What can elected officials here in Columbus do to reduce police brutality in Columbus?
  • What roadblocks have you seen in this city which block Black people from living in this city without fear?

Please email us at, or message/tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with your feedback. We will factor your feedback into recommendations for city council, MCSD and our legislative delegation.