Record Turnout, Vote-by-Mail and More Results from June 9

There was at least one bill which, THANKFULLY, didn’t go through: HB 463, which would have barred the Secretary of State from sending absentee ballot application forms in future elections as was done for the June 9 primary. This bill died before it could get a vote. 

Unfortunately, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has already announced that he doesn’t want to send out another slew of absentee ballot applications for the November 3 general election, and would rather have residents apply through a dedicated website. This ignores the fact that a digital divide still exists here in Georgia, and a great number of voters in both parties don’t have Internet access or even smartphones. This is voter suppression, and it is unacceptable. 

Plus, this is suspect to us Democrats because the total of the March 24 presidential and June 9 combined primary, even while votes are STILL being certified by the Secretary of State’s Office, had the highest primary turnout in over a decade: Georgia Democrats cast at least 1,311,391 total votes, the highest turnout since 2008’s February presidential preference primary, when 1,060,851 votes were cast. This generated a record level of turnout for the Senate Democratic primary, with 1,186,661 votes being cast for the various Senate primary candidates, four times as many voters as the 2016 Senate primary. The primary resulted in a massive shift toward Democratic candidates for county offices in counties like Fayette and Gwinnett.