Elected Democrats

The list below includes only national, state, and Muscogee County elected Democrats.

U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop (1993-), District 2
Senator Ed Harbison (1993-), District 15
State Senator Ed Harbison (1993-), District 15
State Representative Carolyn Hugley (1992-), District 136
State Representative Debbie Buckner (2003-), District 137
State Representative Calvin Smyre (1975-), District 135
Donna Tompkins, Sheriff of Muscogee County (2016-)
Danielle Forte, Clerk of Superior Court
Vivian Creighton Bishop, Clerk of Municipal Court
Greg Countryman, Marshal of Muscogee County
Marc D’Antonio, Judge of Probate Court
Lula Lunsford Huff, Tax Commissioner
Suzanne Goddard, Solicitor General
Steven D. Smith, Judge of Magistrate/Municipal Court