MCDC State Committee Election Minutes 2/27/2019

The purpose of this meeting is to conduct an election to select 5 delegates to the Georgia Democratic Party State Committee. The following persons submitted their names for consideration:

  • Val Almonor
  • Juanita Booker
  • Carolyn Hugley
  • Patricia Lassiter
  • Walter Nesbitt
  • Chris Parker
  • David Smith
  • Harry Underwood

Attendance: According to the sign-in sheet, 38 persons were in attendance.

Record of Proceedings

The meeting was called to order by the MCDC Chairwoman, Laura Walker, at 6:10pm. Ms. Walker welcomed everyone and encouraged those who had not signed in to do so, and for all Post members to grab a clipboard, pen and ballot.

The roles and responsibilities of members of the delegates were reviewed with the group. The election process was explained. All candidates would be given 1-2 minutes to give speech to the group. At the conclusion of the speeches, voting would take place. Once voting was completed, Deborah Davis and Ozia Scott would collect all the ballots and record the votes. Per GDP ruled (6.8) the candidate receiving the most votes would be seated first. The candidate of the opposite gender receiving the most votes would be seated second. The process would proceed in that fashion alternating gender until all 5 seats were filled. If there was a tie vote, a runoff election would be conducted between the two candidates also using signed ballots. Ms. Walker stated that according to GDP rule 6.9 all votes must be made by signed paper ballot, a show of hands or voice vote. Opportunities were given for the candidates to give a 1-2 minute speech to the group. At the conclusion of the speeches, Ms. Walker called the vote. The votes were collected, Ms. Davis and Mr. Scott left the meeting room to conduct the vote tally. The following were elected as representatives of the state DPG: Patricia Lassiter, David Smith, Carolyn Hugley, Walter Nesbitt, Juanita Booker. Vote totals: 39 votes were submitted. 3 votes were eliminated because they were not signed. All counted votes were signed and verified by the counters, however not all voters signed in.


Next meeting: Tuesday March 5, 2019 at the Main Library Macon Road; Synovus Room B at 6:00pm. Post Committee Meeting. The Post Committee will be reviewing committee assignments and make recommendations to the MCDC of areas of overlap with the goal of streamlining committee roles. Ms. Walker indicated that after the Post Committee meeting, a calendar of meetings will be published for the membership. She also indicated that MCDC members Toyia Tucker and Reggie Thompson are checking with their church Revelation Missionary Baptist Church to see if their gym can be used as a permanent meeting place. For the April meeting, Ms. Walker has secured the Main Library, Macon Rd, Synovus Room B. The meeting was adjourned 7:10pm.

Happy Spring! Subcommittee Sign Up


Spring has sprung and the
MCDC is ready to bloom!

Learn more about how to do the good work of the MCDC through our subcommittees and how our April meeting’s guest speaker will help us prepare for 2020 by reading below!

SUBCOMMITTEES:  The real work of the Muscogee County Democrats happens at the subcommittee level. That’s where small groups take on specialized tasks to help the MCDC meet its goals of spreading Democratic principles and electing Democrats. This is where YOU are so important to moving Democrats forward here in Muscogee County! You can be a part of this work by signing up for a subcommittee. Please read the descriptions below and think about where your unique talents would be best utilized and where you would have the most fun! Grab a friend and sign up – you do NOT need to be a Post Committee member to join a subcommittee, all are welcome.

Sign up by emailing Recording Secretary Pam Parker at PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR NAME, WHICH SUBCOMMITTEE/S YOU’RE INTERESTED IN, AND WHETHER YOU’D LIKE TO BE IN THE LEADERSHIP TEAM FOR THAT SUBCOMMITTEE. Each subcommittee will need leaders, so if you’re interested in ensuring the efficiency and forward progress of your group, please consider being a leader!

  • Bylaws Revision – periodically reviews MCDC Bylaws to ensure that they comply with Georgia and federal Democratic Bylaws; and responsible for periodically reviewing, at the direction of the Chair, operational policies, financial policies, fundraising policies, roles of Postholders, roles of the various other subcommittees, and community recognition activities.
  • Financial Strategic Planning – develops and reviews financial policies to safeguard MCDC financial resources and provide accountability for the management and disbursement of such resources; also recommends a Budget Plan on an annual basis. Assists in monitoring line item expenses. Responsible for strategic financial planning to ensure that MCDC has the resources necessary for specific future requirements. Works with the Fundraising subcommittee.
  • Fundraising – plans and oversees the execution of fundraising events and campaigns. Ensures a variety of fundraising activities so that no one event or campaign is responsible for all funding. Works with the Financial Strategic Planning and the Membership & Outreach subcommittees.
  • Events & Education – recommends a slate of topics on which MCDC members may need more information, plans a timeline for appropriate dissemination, and organizes a calendar of meetings, events and activities on an annual basis. Responsible for planning and executing educational events.
  • Membership & Outreach – contacts and engages Democrats and potential Democrats in various ways with the goals of encouraging membership and active participation in the MCDC and increasing positive attitudes in the community toward Muscogee County Democrats. Outreach activities can include but are not limited to implementation of a welcome program for new MCDC members, cooperation with like-minded local organizations, coordination of social media campaigns, organization of community volunteering activities, participation in local parades and festivals, design of slogans and graphics used in branding / marketing materials, or planning special events such as happy hours / socials / dinners / breakfasts to encourage relationship building. Works closely with the Communication subcommittee for publicity.
  • Communications – keeps local Democrats and the general public informed of MCDC meetings, events, and activities through various means including traditional print media, radio announcements, websites, and social media platforms. Issues press releases at the direction of the Chair. Designs and writes the monthly newsletter.   Works closely with the Corresponding Secretary and the Webmaster.
  • Affirmative Action – ensures that MCDC Bylaws as well as MCDC policies, procedures and practices comply with Georgia and federal Democratic guidelines for diversity inclusiveness. Educates MCDC members on affirmative action best practices.
  • Campaign & Candidate Support – coordinates the recruitment, screening, and training support of local and regional Democratic candidates for office, serves as a liaison between MCDC and Democratic candidates’ campaigns, leads the effort to establish a local campaign headquarters, and to select, train and schedule local volunteers who staff the headquarters during each campaign season.


Thank you!
Laura Walker, Chair

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Action Items for 3/18/2019


Event opportunity: this week, CNN is hosting a town hall in Atlanta with presidential candidate Gov. John Hickenlooper. If you are interested in attending the event, registration is available here.

Please continue to sign up for BLUE School training in Atlanta on March 30th (link), as well as for young people interested in joining Organizing Corps 2020 (link).

General Assembly Update- Fighting for Women’s Rights

Last Thursday, the Senate Science and Technology Committee heard testimony on House Bill 481, the abortion ban bill. Women, medical providers, and Democrats from across Georgia came to share their stories and fight against this bill that would make Georgia the most dangerous place to be a woman in America. The committee voted 3-2 for the bill, sending it to a floor vote in the Senate, so we need to call our Senators and say no to this bill.

Voting Rights Update – House Bill 316

Despite the dedication and hard work of advocates across Georgia, and the strong testimony of our Democratic senators, Republicans in the General Assembly rushed through HB 316, the voting systems bill that creates an insecure system unsupported by voters and cybersecurity experts – and will cost over $150 million dollars in taxpayer dollars. Democrats are strong in our resolve to keep fighting for fair elections, and won’t let this stop us.

Swing State Party Building Partnership

The Democratic Party of Georgia has joined with six other swing states across the country to build infrastructure to win in 2020. The Swing State Party Building Partnership is an opportunity for supporters to help us put in the work to win in 2020, no matter who the candidates are. We are proud to be identified as a swing state for 2020, and know that Georgia is the battleground for Democrats to win.

Talk of the Party: Special Elections

Friday was the last day of early voting for special elections across Georgia, including the vote for MARTA expansion in Gwinnett. Last week on Talk of the Party, DPG shared information on how special elections work and what issues may be on the ballot, as well as the resources available for voting. Don’t forget that our Voter Protection Hotline is available to ALL voters at 888-730-5816.

Organizing Corps 2020 – Priority Deadline MONDAY TODAY

DPG is partnering with Organizing Corps 2020, a program to recruit, train, and PAY the next generation of Democratic field organizers. The program is accepting applications from college students who expect to graduate in spring 2020 and are interested in helping Democratic candidates win in 2020. This Monday, March 18th, is the priority deadline for applicants. The final deadline is April 8th. Please share widely!

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Talbot County Tornado Relief – MCDC in the Community


The Muscogee County Democratic Committee wants to help their friends in Talbot County after the horrific tornadoes last weekend. After consulting with the County on their specific needs, we will be conducting a Personal Hygiene Items Drive this weekend with items to be delivered on Monday, March 11.

Please bring your donations to Cafe Le Rue in The Landings, 2523 Airport Thruway, Columbus, between Friday, March 8, 5:30 pm and Sunday, March 10, at 3 pm. There will be a collection bin at the restaurant, which owner Vikas Chilkuri was kind enough to offer! Suggested items include:

  • Toothbrushes / Toothpaste
  • Soap
  • Deodorant
  • Shampoo / Conditioner
  • Tampons / Pads
  • Any NEW hygiene items are welcome!

We want to get these items to Talbot County quickly, hence the short deadline. Thank you in advance for helping us show Talbot County some MCDC love!

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VIDEO: Post Committee Meeting March 5, 2019

At this meeting:

  • First Post Committee Meeting with new Chair Laura Walker and 2019-2021 Executive Board
  • Discussion about relief donations for tornado victims in Talbotton and Harris County
  • Honoring former State Committee Delegate Ella Lewis
  • Event Calendar for 2019
  • Names Revision for Subcommittees
  • Approval of new ActBlue account
  • Post Member Orientation
  • Proposed Voluntary Member Donation Tiers