Minutes: Post Committee Meeting 1.14.2020 with changes

Muscogee County Democratic Committee

Meeting Agenda

Date: January 14, 2020

Call to Order: The assemblage was called to order for the purpose of conduct of elections by Chairperson, Laura Walker at 6:30 P.M. The election was intended to fill vacant seats in Post positions for Districts 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 as well as the 1st Vice Chair. Of the vacant Post seats only 5, 7, 9/10 had candidates and these candidates were running unopposed. Accordingly, a motion was made and seconded to allow these candidates to be elected by acclamation. The motion was approved unanimously by the Post. The Chair then moved to conduct the election for 1st Vice Chair. The two candidates running for 1st Chair, Tonza Thomas and Karen Huntspon, were given an opportunity to address the Post. Paper ballots were distributed, collected and the counting team adjourned to tally the votes.

Verification of Quorum: According to the sign in sheet there were 35 people in attendance. 33 Post members and 2 Non-Post members.

Post members were in attendance: Val Almonard (10), Tammy Bailey (2), Vivian Bishop (3), Juanita Booker (4), Judy Brouillette (8), Adrian Chester (9), Deborah Davis (2), Edna Foster (6), Mary Garcia (7), Par Green (1), Mattie Hall (3), Sandra Hunley (10), Karen Huntspon (9), Marjorie Jackson (9), Ilene Kent (10), John Land (7), Patricia Lassiter (4), Ella Lewis (1), Tom McDaniel (10), Pam Parker (2), Rick Parker (10), Dominick Perkins (10), Teddy Reese (9), David Smith (2), Tonza Thomas (3), Reginald Thompson (4), Toyia Tucker (9), Gloria Tyson (4), Laura Walker (1), Charrise Woolridge (1), Bill Edwards (5), Royal Anderson (7), and Nicholas Rulon (10).

Non-Post members in attendance: Sharon Kuecheameister, Sharonda Hubbard, and Freddie Williams.

Post Members who were excused: Gayle Daniels (1), Linda Parker (3), Aslean Florence (4), Ruth Carpenter (5), Adam Drucker (5), Deborah Lowry (5), Ralph Jones (6), Harry Underwood (6), Doug McLeod (8), and Walter Nesbitt (8).

Post Members absent: Saundra Ellison (9), Shawn Gatewood (3), Korie McDougal (6), Murphy Pound (7) and Ozia Scott (6).

Reading/approval of minutes: The Minutes were sent to the Post prior to the meeting via e-mail and US mail. The Chair made printed copies of the minutes available if needed by any Post member. The Chair solicited the Post for any corrections additions to the minutes, there were none. Teddy Reese (9) made a motion to approve the minutes as written. Pat Green (1) provided the second. The Chair called for a vote and the Minutes were unanimously approved.

Correspondence: Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary, reported that there was no correspondence to report.

Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer’s report was provided to the Post prior to the meeting via e-mail and U.S. mail. The Chair made printed copies of the minutes available if needed by any Post member. The committee reviewed the Financial Report submitted by Treasurer, Marjorie Jackson. Current bank balance as of 1/6/2020 was $4, 312.62. The Chair asked for any discussion. Judy Brouillette (8) asked about the rental on the storage unit. Marjorie Jackson reported that it is $100 a month. Judy would like to find another unit that is easier to access than our current building. The Chair asked Judy if she would be willing follow up with the storage rental company for another building. Judy agreed. A motion was made by Teddy Reese (9) to accept the report as presented. Juanita Booker (4) provided the second. The Chair called for a vote and the report was unanimously approved.

Committee Reports


  • Bylaws Revision: Rick Parker (10) By-Laws Committee Chairperson stated that he had nothing new to report. A set of draft By-Laws went out to the committee members as well as to Dominick Perkins (10), Chairman of the Affirmative Action Committee to review and make recommendations. Dominick and Rick will get together and make sure that Affirmative Action is covered.
  • Financial Strategic Planning: Marjorie Jackson (9), Financial Strategic Planning Chairperson reported that the committee has not met yet. She has sent them paperwork to review. The committee has a meeting planned for February.
  • Fundraising – January True Blue Breakfast: Prior to the start of the business meeting. Laura discussed current status of ticket sales, whether the event needed to be cancelled due to lack of response, solicited assistance from the Post and encouraged everyone to buy tickets. Informally, the following suggestions were made have the event even if there are not 200 in attendance and some additional Post members volunteered to help with the event. During the business meeting, Laura reminded everyone that the MCDC must sell at least 90 tickets in order to break even on the event. Tammy Bailey (2), encouraged everyone to buy t-shirts if they cannot attend the breakfast. Laura originally planned for the True Blue Breakfast to feature candidates from both Senate seats that are up for election in 2020 but that proved to be too difficult to coordinate. She informed the Post that she may ask the Fundraising Committee to plan an informal event for those individuals later in the calendar year. Laura said that she still plans to have the True-Blue Gala in the Fall.
  • Communications – Laura reported that a social media person is needed for the MCDC Twitter and Instagram platforms.
  • Affirmative Action: Dominick Perkins, Chairperson, did not have a report. Laura suggested that he reach out to Events and Education to see if an Affirmative Action event could be added to their schedule of events for General Membership meetings.
  • Events & Education / Membership & Outreach: Toyia Tucker (9) Chairperson thanked the assembly for the toys that were donated at Christmas for “Reach 4 Your Dreams.” Tonight there will be a debate watch party at Lemongrass. Toyia solicited the Post volunteers for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day events to be held in downtown Columbus on Saturday, January 18, 2020. Finally, she announced that the General Membership meeting on February 11, 2020 will be held at the Citizens Service Center on Macon Road. Nancy Boren, Muscogee County Election Supervisor, will hold a demonstration of the new voting machines at that time.
  • Campaign & Candidate Support: The DPG is running a “Contest Every Race” program targeting people who might be interested in running for office. Contact Laura if you are interested and were not contacted. The group received 2,000 replies to a text blast that they sent out. Laura will host a couple of events for the people that responded to receive training; one in the evening and one in the afternoon on a Saturday.

New Business:

  • Chair would like to form new ad-hoc subcommittee: Voter Outreach 2020 Laura announced that she will be appointing new subcommittee chairs where appropriate for this calendar year. She encouraged Post members who would like to serve as committee chairs to contact her. She informed the Post that she would like to form an ad hoc subcommittee entitled Voter Outreach. Pat Green (1) made a motion that a Voter Outreach committee be formed, and Toyia Tucker (9) seconded. The floor was opened for discussion and since there was no discussion, Laura called for the vote which was unanimous.
  • Candidate visits: Ted Terry, Richard Winfield in March Laura announced that Senatorial candidate Mayor Ted Terry (who was unable to attend our True Blue Breakfast) will be coming to our March Post Committee meeting. Also in March, Richard Dein Winfield, Senate candidate for the second GOP held Senate seat will come to that meeting to speak to the Post as well.


Laura informed the group she received an email from Senate candidate Maya Dillard Smith with a request speak to the MCDC. Laura invited her to come to the True Blue Breakfast. Ms. Smith was the chair of the Georgia ACLU (4 years ago) and she stepped down because she felt pressure to resign due to her support of the controversial “bathroom bill.” The floor was opened for comments about asking her for a position statement about her support of transgendered people. Several Post members did not want to put Ms. Smith on the spot at what is hoped to be a fun informal event for the Post and the Candidates. It was decided to ask all the candidates the same questions.

Laura asked the Post to suggest any questions they would like to ask the candidates. Two suggestions were; discuss a position they have been wrong about or if they have had an evolution on a past position, and employment rights. Newly elected Post member, Royal Anderson (7), suggested that Laura make an online survey for the Post to submit questions so people can respond anonymously. Laura will make a mail chimp survey and will post the results from the poll to the Post.



  • The results of the election for 1st Vice Chair were shared with the Post. The Chair reported that Tonza Thomas was the winner and would fulfill the 1st Vice Chair vacancy on the Executive Board until the end of the current board term, December 2020.
  • Rick Parker (10) made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Tonza Thomas, 1st Vice Chair, provided the second. The Post voted unanimously to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

Minutes: Post Committee Meeting 11.12.2019

Agenda Muscogee County Democratic Committee

Post Committee Meeting Draft Minutes

November 12, 2019

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Laura Walker at 6:15 PM.

Attendance and Roll Call: Executive Board members present: Laura Walker, Chairperson; Pam Parker, Recording Secretary; and Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary. Darien Torbert, 1st Vice Chair; Saundra Ellison, 2nd Vice Chair; and Marjorie Jackson, Treasurer were all absent.

Post committee members present: Val Almonord (10), Tammy Bailey (2), Juanita Booker (4), Deborah Davis (2), Edna Foster (6), Mary Garcia (7), Mattie Hall (3), Sandra Hunley (10), Ralph Jones (6), Ilene Kent (10), Deborah Lowery (5), Tom McDaniel (10), Pam Parker (2), Rick Parker (10), Laura Walker (1), Charrise Woolridge (1) and Harry Underwood (6).

Visitors Present: Yvette Maxwell, Andrea Atkins, Alicia Davenport and Cynthia Peak.

Verification of a Quorum: 17 of 45 Post Committee members were in attendance at the beginning of the meeting. 18 Post Committee members would have to be in attendance for there to be a quorum. As no quorum was present, Juanita Booker made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Mary Garcia provided the second. The motion was not acted upon, but instead, the business portion of the meeting was suspended pending arrival of additional Post members.

The Post Committee proceeded with an informal informational meeting.

Guest Speaker, Democratic US Senate Candidate, Marckeith DeJesus, was introduced by Laura Walker. Mr. DeJesus discussed his reasons for running for US Senate, provided personal background and discussed the direction of his campaign. At the conclusion of his presentation he took questions from the group.

Informal Meeting notes:

Mrs. Walker reported that she heard from the DPG about how tickets for the Atlanta Democratic Candidate Debate will be distributed. The DPG is a conducting a lottery for tickets. Individuals are encouraged to submit their e-mail address through social media to enter the drawing.

Deborah Davis provided the committee with the following information:

  • Opening of her new business, My Man Cave, a men’s consignment shop.
  • A free skills workshop with Better Angels at Edgewood Presbyterian Church on December 14 from 2 – 4:30 PM.
  • Heirs Properties Workshop on December 2 from 5:30 – 7 PM at the Citizens Service Center; the workshop will assist individuals with their rights with respect to properties abandoned due to death of a family member. The areas that will be discussed are in East Wynnton; Lawyers Lane, Briarwood, Lindsay Creek, East Carver, and others.

Laura Walker informed the committee that we are looking for a MCDC office in the coming year. She is hoping to have a location identified after the May primaries. She would like to investigate leasing the office space that we used during the Stacey Abrams’ campaign, the Midtown Road location. Benefits of locating the office at that location are that it is centralized (Midtown), affordability, and proximity to canvassing opportunities. Visitor, Andrea Atkins, suggested locating the office at Cross County Plaza.

Harry Underwood informed the committee that Southerners on New Ground (SONG) is holding its statewide Organizing School here in Columbus from November 14-17, to teach volunteers how to organize communities or cash bail abolition and “melting I.C.E.” The event will be held at The Place, 1828 Midtown Drive.

At 7:00 PM, Saundra Ellison, 2nd Vice Chair (9) arrived at the Post Committee meeting. Due to the arrival of Mrs. Ellison, a quorum was declared and the Post Committee opened the business portion of the meeting.

Reading/Approval of Minutes: Laura Walker gave a few copies of the minutes from the 9.10.2019 meeting to those in attendance who had not read them as provided via e-mail. After the Post Committee reviewed the minutes, Mrs. Walker called for a motion to approve the minutes. Mrs. Booker, made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Edna Foster provided a second. The motion was approved.

Correspondence: Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary, reported that there was no correspondence to report other than replies by Democratic candidates for the US Senate race in 2020 who plan to attend the True Blue Breakfast. She has received the replies from the following candidates; Sarah Riggs Amico, Ted Terry, Teresa Tomlinson, Akhenaten Hotep Amun, and Harold Shouse have responded that they plan to attend. Jon Ossoff, Marckeith DeJesus, Tamara Johnson-Shealey, and Elaine Whigham Williams have not responded to any of her attempts to contact them. However, Ms. Bailey followed up with Mr. DeJesus before he left the meeting and he plans to attend.

Treasurer’s Report: The committee reviewed the Financial Report submitted by Treasurer, Marjorie Jackson. Bank balance as of 10/8/2019 was $5,021.52. Ending balance as of 11/12/2019 was $5, 021.52. There were no expenditures or contributions to the account since 9/30/2019. Laura Walker asked the committee if there were any discussion and/or corrections needed to the report.

Ms. Booker stated the she really liked the detail in the Treasurer’s report and thanked Marjorie Jackson for her attention to detail.

As there were no corrections, Mary Garcia made a motion to accept the Treasurers report as presented. Harry Underwood provided the second. The motion was approved.

Committee Reports:

  • Bylaws Revision – Rick Parker reported that a draft of revised MCDC By-Laws was given to members of his committee, Chairperson, Laura Walker, and the chair of the Affirmative Action committee. There will be another meeting of the committee after everyone has time to review the draft to formalize the By-Laws and after that occurs he will present them to the Post for an official vote. Laura Walker thanked Rick Parker for completing this process.
  • Financial Strategic Planning – Laura reminded the Post that Marjorie, chairperson of the committee, is absent. Marjorie was asked at the last meeting to have additional Post Committee members help her conduct a review of the financial records from 2015 forward. She is working on this review.
  • Fundraising – The fundraising committee has been meeting to plan the fundraiser for January 25, 2019 entitled the True Blue Breakfast, a 2020 Democratic Senate Candidate forum. The committee is discussing holding a True Blue Gala for the fall of 2020 as well. The breakfast will be a less formal and less expensive event. Laura Walker introduced the members of the committee, Pam Parker, Tammy Bailey, Debra Lowery and Eva Smith. Tammy has invited all of the candidates for either Senate seat, Perdue’s and Isakson’s. We will sell tickets to the breakfast and as well as t-shirts on Event Brite. Tickets for the breakfast will be $40, the T-shirts will sell for $20.

A suggestion was made to get the tickets up on Event Brite before Christmas so that people can purchase tickets for gift. Laura Walker also revealed the winning design for the t-shirt. The committee also plans to raise money by selling slides to businesses that will be displayed during the meet and greet using the AV screens at the Cunningham Center. We will only sell 200 tickets, but that number will be reduced by 2 tickets we will provide to each candidate.

Another fundraising opportunity was discussed, Giving Tuesday. Laura Walker asked Harry Underwood if he could launch our Act Blue page to coincide with that. He stated that he would.

  • Communications – Laura Walker reported that the committee had no report. She did state that a volunteer is needed to take over our Instagram and Twitter accounts.
  • Affirmative Action –No report.
  • Events & Education /Membership & Outreach – No one from either committee was present. Laura Walker reported that the individual committees, Events/Education and Membership/Outreach, were asked to merge.

Laura indicated that she asked the new committee to focus on the every-other-month General Committee meetings. She specifically asked them to focus on Debate Watch Party for the debates scheduled for next Wednesday, November 20, 2019. The committee has arranged for the MCDC to meet at the Disabled American Veterans hall at 1000 Victory Drive, 7:30 PM. Members are encouraged to bring snacks. Debate starts at 8:00.

The committee also planned a December holiday event that will feature a Community Service project and an opportunity for a social gathering. Our community service project for the December meeting will be a toy drive for the organization “Reach 4 Your Dreamz” that Toyia Tucker (9) recommended. Skippers Seafood, 3505 Buena Vista Rd, Columbus, GA 31906, and Café LaRue, 2523 Airport Thruway, Columbus, GA 31904, will be places where the membership can drop off toys. The December social meeting will be held on Friday December 6th at Circa, 900 Front Ave, Columbus, GA 31901. Membership is encouraged to bring toys to that event as well. After all the toys are gathered, Toyia Tucker will try to get us some airtime on a radio spot on 98.3 The Beat when we drop off the toys.

Walter Nesbitt, Chairperson of this group, arrived in time to speak about the Debate watch party as well as the Circa event.

  • Campaign & Candidate Support: David Smith (2) has been working on finding a candidate to oppose Vance Smith, HD133. He is in meetings with someone and will report to the committee as soon as he has any information to report.

New Business:

  • Cancelled Voter List – Volunteers are needed to help with contacting the voters affected. Georgia’s Secretary of State’s (SoS) office released the list of inactive voters for the entire state. The SoS’s list was narrowed down to 15,000 “cancelled voters” by Muscogee County Election Supervisor Nancy Boren. Laura Walker and Harry Underwood narrowed the list to Democrats and those who voted in 2018. The final list had 306 people were on it. Rick Parker suggested that the list should be taken to the Probate Court so that deceased voters could be eliminated.
  • Special Election in January for 1st Vice Chair and Post Committee positions: Laura Walker reported that Darien Torbert, 1st Vice Chair, resigned to move back to Washington state. The Post needs to hold a Special Election in January for Darien’s position as well as various vacant Post Committee meetings. Laura Walker asked Tom McDaniel (10) to assist with the elections and he agreed to help.
  • Laura Walker indicated that February’s General Membership meeting will focus on voter education efforts including creating a canvass card for door knobs, asking the Board of Elections to provide voting machine training and requesting that Nancy Boren bring one of the new machines.
  • MCDC office search (previously discussed during earlier in the meeting).
  • DPG will present training on the Qualifying process for county committees: There would be a training for this from the DPG.


  • Harry Underwood – Harry provided the committee with a brief report from the State DPG meeting he and others attended in Cumming on October 19. He reported that at least 131 elected members from across the state were in attendance. Please see Harry for any additional information about the event.
  • Walter Nesbitt (who arrived after a quorum had been declared) – Walter informed the Post that an African American caucus has been formed in Muscogee County. He encouraged interested Post members to contact him for additional information.
  • Juanita Booker – Mrs. Booker attended the DPG State Dinner where Calvin Smyre was honored. She reported that the meeting went well.
  • Harry Underwood – A Young Democrats group has been organized. Post members should contact him if interested.

Adjournment: Deborah Davis made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Walter Nesbitt provided the second. The vote was unanimous and the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Minutes: Post Committee Meeting 10 Sept 19

Muscogee County Democratic Committee

Meeting Minutes: September 10, 2019

Call to Order, Reading/approval of minutes: President, Laura Walker thanked everyone for coming and confirmed that we do have a quorum for voting. She then asked if everyone had read the minutes from the previous meeting. A copy of the minutes was given to anyone who needed one. There were no questions. Toyia made a motion to approve the minutes and Mary Garcia made the second. The minutes were approved

Verification of Quorum – Guidance that only PC Members can vote: Laura explained the differences in attendance requirements for general members and post committee members. Post committee members were elected in January and they need to let Laura know if they can’t make it to a meeting. General members come to meetings, voice opinions, volunteer and are very important, but it is post committee members who can vote.

President’s Notes:

  • Young Democrats meeting, debate watch parties, Labor Day breakfast
  • Post Committee resignations / absences
  • One year ago today – why we’re working so hard

Laura then gave a recap of the MCDC events that took place over the summer. There was a Young Democrats meeting that was well attended. Shawn Gatewood then commented about a group he is in at CSU called Students for Political Awareness (SPA). He said they had some things they are trying to get planned such as having political science professors and other professionals serve on panels to discuss various relevant topics. Laura said that she would be speaking to Columbus HIgh Democrats soon and that we would be supportive of the CHS group and of SPA. For now, we will just be a supportive group for them. She told Shawn we’d be happy to come speak to SPA. We had a couple of debate watch parties which were successful. Laura suggested making these a regular thing for debates. We had a great turnout at the MCDC Labor Day breakfast. There were lots of people and some of them were new. It shows that gatherings don’t have to be complicated and that social events are important.

Regarding Post Committee resignations and absences: Laura called anyone who hadn’t shown up at three of our last three meetings. She reached 3 people. She had a bad email for Edna Foster. Rusty Oliver resigned and Bennie Newroth resigned. Laura still hasn’t been able to get the other 3 people. If we need to, we will have a special election at the end of the year to replace them. Miss Juanita Booker commented that Bennie’s father recently passed away.

Laura then explained that she was wearing an Abrams shirt because one year ago, she was busy working long days on the campaign. She said it was so rewarding and wanted to know if anyone wanted to share any stories or anything about helping with campaigns. Several like Harry Underwood, Marjorie Jackson, and Edna Foster commented that they had helped and loved it. Laura pointed out the giant sticky notes she had on the walls that were labeled by month. She said she wanted everyone to know how important they are to MCDC success and the success of campaigns.

Treasurer’s Report: On file with Secretary: Marjorie then spoke and apologized about not having the financial report because she had sent it to Pam Parker for her to put on the screen and didn’t realize Pam wasn’t going to be there. Marjorie said our current balance was $5820.25 and that she would email the report out to everyone.

Committee Reports Standing:

  • Bylaws Revision – Rick Parker: No one from By Laws was present but Laura said they had a successful meeting and are looking at bylaws of other counties and are working on ours.
  • Financial Strategic Planning – Marjorie Jackson: Marjorie Jackson said the Financial Committee met on August 15 and that members seemed to want an audit. She told them she would discuss it with Laura. She said they agreed to increase the budget by 10%. She said she went through the records dating back to 2016, and it looks like everything is in order. Juanita Booker said she thought when the new Board took over, there would be an audit. Laura then said she thought it was important to define audit and that a true audit can cost over $5000. Sometimes when people say audit, what they really mean is a review. We cannot afford an audit but can do a review. Laura then said that some people may have thought we should have more money because they were unaware of the expenses. Aslean Florence asked if there was some reason for concern. Marjorie said no. Ruthie Carpenter asked if the review was done by just Marjorie or done by the whole committee. Marjorie said she was alone and Ruthie said it should have been done with the whole committee. Susan Stephenson said that more than likely the concern was because with the former Board, reporting was not good. Often, there would be no treasurer’s report or no minutes and there was no explanation. Marjorie repeated that she went back to 2016, and all is in order. Susan commented about the money we were supposed to give to local candidates and said she knew of one who only got $500 and it was very late in the game and that is another reason folks are concerned. She said that financial reporting was almost nonexistent.

Royal Anderson said she was new and parliamentarian trained. She asked if we also had a financial secretary. Laura said that it was Aslean. They didn’t used to have one, but now we do. Royal said the treasurer and financial secretary should be the checks and balances.

Pat Hugley said that the new committee was trying to get things in order and we should let the committee publish reports 2016 forward on revenue and expenses. Then, we can move forward. She made the motion that the committee, not just one person, make and publish a ledger of the money in and out forward from 2015. Ruth Carpenter gave the second. The motion passed. Marjorie said that the committee would have this for the next meeting.

  • Fundraising – Laura Walker: Laura gave a report about the fundraising committee. She said they had a resignation from Chris Parker and that she hasn’t been able to get Mattie Hall. She spoke to Doug McLeod, who’d also volunteered. The executive committee met, and we’d like to hold an event, but not a big gala. We decided to focus on a breakfast. She said we are thinking of late January with Isakson’s seat up. We could invite candidates. We would not have a lot of decorations. Something we could make good money on. We need money for an office, supplies, a way to show our banner. We will do a gala next September. Susan said she would like to suggest that we recommend that people make monthly donations to MCDC. Laura said we are still trying to figure all that out. Judy Brouillette reminded that we are not allowed to charge for membership. Juanita said we really need t-shirts. Harry said we need to put a paid ad on Facebook because it was very successful with Haskins’ campaign. Laura said it is about $20-$50 a push. Harry said we have 580 people on our mailing list. Laura suggested trying free posting first and then using Facebook ads if necessary.
  • Membership & Outreach – Toyia Tucker: Toyia who is with Membership and Outreach said she met with Harry and Laura and they wanted to create 3 efforts to increase membership. One is to provide training for new members. The second is the get folks involved in volunteering at festivals such as the Latino festivals and third is the have membership drives at places like the Tuskegee Morehouse game. We could set up a table there.

Laura pointed out that one problem we have is that people sign up but don’t respond and that it is very important to respond. She said that Shawn was going to be over membership but is very involved with some important groups at CSU so she asked Toyia Tucker to head it up. Tammy Bailey suggested that perhaps emails need to be shorter and not quite so frequent. Toyia said it is also very important to make sure your contact information is up to date. Harry said he sent a link of other subcommittees so we can know what others do.

  • Communications – Laura Walker: Laura said Harry is doing a great job sending out DPG information. We have a social media team. Alyse Gurak and Laura are posting on Instagram. Harry and Laura are on Twitter. We are getting a lot of action on Facebook. Pat H. asked if we could get a phone list so we could call folks and ask for donations. Tom said we do have the True Blue Gala list.
  • Affirmative Action – Dominick Perkins: Dominick is in Atlanta, no report
  • Events & Education – Walter Nesbitt: Walter was absent, no report
  • Campaign & Candidate Support – David Smith: Laura said that David Smith with Campaign Support has promoted local races he’d like us to focus on. They had a meeting at an I-Hop. Adrienne White sends us a list of folks who have reached out. Teddy Reese is running for State Senate and Pat H’s seat is up too.

Special/Ad Hoc: Young Democrats – CHS, CSU: see above

New Business:

  • DPG State Dinner: DPG dinner is Oct 22. We get a discount if we can fill a table of 10. Instead of $200 per person, it would be $150. Contact Laura if you’d like to attend.
  • 2nd Congressional District DPG Delegate Training – Americus, Saturday, 9/28, 10 am – 1 pm: Laura asked who would like to be a delegate at the convention. There is a 2nd district training Sept 28 in Americus for anyone interested in learning about the process or trying to be a delegate. Information will be emailed out.
  • MCDC Calendar Planning: Laura pointed out that we had distinct sections of the coming year where we’d be working on different things, moving towards Election Day 2020. Before the holidays, we’d be working on fine tuning subcommittee and Post Committee roles. We’d have a fundraiser in January and then we’d be working on voter education before the primaries. After the primaries, we’d be locating an office and working on canvassing and phone banking for the Democratic candidates. Laura noted that everyone’s contribution is sorely needed as this is the election of our lifetimes.
  • Comments from Membership: Mary Garcia pointed out that there is a voter education session this Saturday at Northside Rec. Laura said she wants the MCDC to be more of a driving force with getting volunteers since we can’t register voters as the MCDC. Ruthie asked if we could get t-shirts for a fundraiser. Tammy said we need to commit to getting a t-shirt by a certain date. Pat said we could just keep the donkey and change the lettering. Aslean made a motion to have a shirt design by November 1. Pat gave the second. Motion passed. Judy Brouillette asked why we don’t move our storage room closer to the library. Laura said she would price it, but that the location was actually very close. Pat suggested we get the cost of doing a mailer so we can send out our information. We could get sponsors. Harry said we are working on a candidate affidavit form. Tom McDaniel said that Sept 21 is Open House for Teresa Tomlinson and they volunteers to work that day. He has sign up sheets on the table with shifts being 9–12 and 12–3.
  • Adjournment: Susan made the motion to adjourn and Sara gave the second. Meeting was adjourned at 7:43.