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MINUTES: Post Committee Meeting March 5, 2019

Muscogee County Democratic Committee (MCDC) Post Committee Meeting Minutes 3/5/2019 Welcome: The meeting was called to order at 6:09 by Laura Walker, MCDC Committee Chairwoman. Ms. Walker welcomed the post members and explained the purpose of the meeting (see agenda).

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MCDC State Committee Election Minutes 2/27/2019

The purpose of this meeting is to conduct an election to select 5 delegates to the Georgia Democratic Party State Committee. The following persons submitted their names for consideration: Val Almonor Juanita Booker Carolyn Hugley Patricia Lassiter Walter Nesbitt Chris

Minutes of MCDC Post Committee Meeting January 29, 2018

MCDC Meeting January 29, 2018 Meeting called to order by MCDC Chair, Saundra Ellison at 6pm Motion to accept Treasurer report by Dana Zajac Correspondence – Information generated via email and on website November 27, 2018 minutes – name corrections:

MINUTES of MCDC Post Committee Meeting December 19, 2017

Chairperson Saundra Ellison called The Muscogee County Democratic Committee to order on December 19, 2017 at 17:40 (at AKA House, Broadway Street, Columbus, GA). The agenda for the meeting is the Muscogee County Democratic Committee District Caucus election of post

Minutes of MCDC Post Committee Meeting November 27, 2017

Post Meeting Columbus Library 27 November 2017 Opening Session: 6:07pm Saundra Ellison, Presiding Chair Minutes from previous post election distributed – Questions on other vacancies from members – Chairperson stated will have to have another election – Motions carried and