Young Democrats

We are about uplifting everyone and helping people to understand the importance of voting.

The Muscogee County Young Democrats are the local chapter of the Young Democrats of Georgia and the Young Democrats of Georgia The purpose of YDG of Muscogee County is: To stimulate in the youth of Georgia an active interest in governmental affairs; to increase the efficiency of popular government; to foster and perpetuate the ideals and principles of the Democratic Party; to recruit the most promising material for leadership; to encourage statesmanship; to aid the Democratic Party; to provide through its administration the highest degree of justice and social welfare; and to serve as a voice for the young people within the Democratic Party. Any person at least fourteen (14) years of age to forty (40), who professes and demonstrates allegiance to the Democratic Party, shall be eligible for active membership.

The current chapter of the Muscogee County Young Dems was formed in 2012 by Dominick Perkins. We meet 3rd Monday of each month.


  • President: Demetrius McBride
  • 1st Vice-President: Lucas Melton
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • VP of Events: Harry Underwood
  • VP of Membership: Sean Thomas
  • Secretary/Parliamentarian: Royal Anderson

Past Presidents: Dominick Perkins, David Smith and Patrick Chapelle



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