Officers and Committees

(l to r: 2nd Vice Chair Saundra Ellison, Treasurer Marjorie Jackson, 1st Vice Chair Darien Torbert, Chair Laura Walker, Corresponding Secretary Tammy Bailey, and Recording Secretary Pam Parker.)

MCDP Officers 2019-2021

  • Laura Walker, Chair
  • Darien Torbert, 1st Vice Chair
  • Saundra Ellison, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Pam Parker, Recording Secretary
  • Tammy Bailey, Corresponding Secretary
  • Marjorie Jackson, Treasurer

State Committee Members 2019-2023

  • Patricia Lassiter – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • David Smith – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Juanita Booker – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • State Rep. Carolyn Hugley – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Walter Nesbitt – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Dominick Perkins – State Committee Delegate (Appointed)

Subcommittees/Working Groups

  • Bylaws Revision – periodically reviews MCDC Bylaws to ensure that they comply with Georgia and federal Democratic Bylaws; and responsible for periodically reviewing, at the direction of the Chair, operational policies, financial policies, fundraising policies, roles of Postholders, roles of the various other subcommittees, and community recognition activities.
  • Financial Strategic Planning – develops and reviews financial policies to safeguard MCDC financial resources and provide accountability for the management and disbursement of such resources; also recommends a Budget Plan on an annual basis. Assists in monitoring line item expenses. Responsible for strategic financial planning to ensure that MCDC has the resources necessary for specific future requirements. Works with the Fundraising subcommittee.
  • Fundraising – plans and oversees the execution of fundraising events and campaigns. Ensures a variety of fundraising activities so that no one event or campaign is responsible for all funding. Works with the Financial Strategic Planning and the Membership & Outreach subcommittees.
  • Events & Education – recommends a slate of topics on which MCDC members may need more information, plans a timeline for appropriate dissemination, and organizes a calendar of meetings, events and activities on an annual basis. Responsible for planning and executing educational events.
  • Membership & Outreach – contacts and engages Democrats and potential Democrats in various ways with the goals of encouraging membership and active participation in the MCDC and increasing positive attitudes in the community toward Muscogee County Democrats. Outreach activities can include but are not limited to implementation of a welcome program for new MCDC members, cooperation with like-minded local organizations, coordination of social media campaigns, organization of community volunteering activities, participation in local parades and festivals, design of slogans and graphics used in branding / marketing materials, or planning special events such as happy hours / socials / dinners / breakfasts to encourage relationship building. Works closely with the Communication subcommittee for publicity.
  • Communications – keeps local Democrats and the general public informed of MCDC meetings, events, and activities through various means including traditional print media, radio announcements, websites, and social media platforms. Issues press releases at the direction of the Chair. Designs and writes the monthly newsletter.   Works closely with the Corresponding Secretary and the Webmaster.
  • Affirmative Action – ensures that MCDC Bylaws as well as MCDC policies, procedures and practices comply with Georgia and federal Democratic guidelines for diversity inclusiveness. Educates MCDC members on affirmative action best practices.
  • Campaign & Candidate Support – coordinates the recruitment, screening, and training support of local and regional Democratic candidates for office, serves as a liaison between MCDC and Democratic candidates’ campaigns, leads the effort to establish a local campaign headquarters, and to select, train and schedule local volunteers who staff the headquarters during each campaign season.