Officers and Committees


Saundra Ellison, Chair of the MCDP

MCDP Officers 2017-2019

  • Saundra Ellison, Chair
  • James Washington, 1st Vice Chair
  • Val Almonord, 2nd Vice Chair
  • Mattie Hall, Recording Secretary
  • Carlo Newroth, Corresponding Secretary
  • Adrian Chester, Treasurer

State Committee Members

  • William Viruet – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Ella Lewis – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Juanita Booker – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • State Rep. Carolyn Hugley – State Committee Delegate (Elected)
  • Dominick Perkins – State Committee Delegate (Elected)

Committees/Working Groups

  • Bylaws & Organization Subcommittee
    • John Van Doorn, Chair
    • shall review the structure and procedures of the county committee and recommend any additions or changes to assure its effective operation, in
      compliance with the governing rules of the Democratic Party of Georgia.
  • Finance & Budget Subcommittee
    • Co-Chair: Adrian Chester and Tom McDaniel
    • Its purpose is to make sure that all financial records are in order and that any state requirements regarding finances are adhered to.

  • Fundraising Subcommittee:
    • (no Chair currently appointed)
    • It’s purpose is to raise funds for the County Committee by proper legal means in order for the Committee to perform its functions.
  • Planning Subcommittee:
    • John Mallory Land, Chair
    • formulates and submits to the Executive Committee a strategic plan for the County Committee for the next two election cycles. The Strategic Plan shall contain funding, rass-roots structure, and implementation plans to accomplish the strategic goals of the Party
  • Membership Subcommittee:
    • Val Almonord, Chair
    • this subcommittee is concerned with social action and is designed to keep Party members and the community up-to-date on issues that affect them.
  • Outreach & Education Subcommittee:
    • Val Almonord, Chair
  • Voter Engagement Subcommittee
    • James Washington, Chair
  • Public Relations & Communications Subcommittee:
    • Co-Chair: Carlo Newroth and Dana Zajac
    • This subcommittee works to maintain and publish media and communications promoting the County Committee, its candidates and its officeholders through digital and print media.
  • Affirmative Action Subcommittee (a.k.a. Diversity Inclusion Subcommittee):
    • Linda Richburg, Chair
    • This Committee is required by the DPG and is intended to make sure that discrimination does not exist in any form, in any action taken by the Rockdale County Democratic Party.
  • Candidate & Intra-Party Relations Subcommittee:
    • Bennie Newroth, Chair