Qualifying Week Was HISTORIC for Muscogee County and for Georgia

Qualifying Week Was HISTORIC for Muscogee County and for Georgia

Thank you to all Muscogee Democrats who qualified for partisan or non-partisan office. Qualifying for the May 19th primary and general election ran from 9am Monday March 2 to 12 noon Friday March 6. Congrats to all Democrats who have won their outright without primary or general election competition, and good luck to our primary-unchallenged nominees who have competition in the general election. 

We have a tremendous task ahead of us:

  • Georgia Democrats have qualified for 144 State House districts and 43 Senate districts, the most we have ever contested within the last 24 years
  • Democrats have qualified for all of Georgia’s 14 congressional districts for the first time ever (the last time Democrats qualified for all congressional districts was in 2008, when Georgia only had 13 districts)
  • 90% of Georgia residents will have a Democrat on the ballot for either chamber of the General Assembly
  • Democrats are running for General Assembly nearly everywhere, from the Florida border all the way to the Tennessee border
  • Democrats are running for 880 offices across the state, from U.S. Senate all the way to county commissions
  • While Republicans can claim a structural advantage in running for over 1,500 offices across the states, Democrats can say that we’re running for more seats in both houses the General Assembly than are the Republicans.
  • HD 134 will have a Democratic candidate for the first time since the last redistricting period in 2010. In HD 134, Muscogee County will have our first contested Democratic primary for a State House district since 2012

This incredible record for the Democratic Party of Georgia is owed to the volunteers across the state, including DPG Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment Adrienne White, for reaching to so many candidates across Georgia’s 159 counties through our “Contest Every Seat” program. And through the DPG’s Legislative Victory Fund initiative, Georgia Democrats have hired and trained record numbers of field staff at this point in the cycle, building a program to support eventual Democratic nominees for state office.

We cannot hope to pass good bills for better government than what the Republicans have offered over the years without flipping the General Assembly, nor can we win the Georgia General Assembly without showing up and campaigning for every seat.

It is amazing that we have gone from the 2012-2016 period, when we campaigned only for around 85 House districts and 26 Senate seats, up to today when we can boast candidates for 43 Senate and 144 House districts. Trump’s election, and all of the corruption and vice it has wrought, was a wake-up call to our sleeping giant, and just as we showed up for far more seats in 2018 than we did in 2016, we will now show up in November 2020 for more seats than in 2018.

In short: we fully intend to flip this House in 2020.

We will be announcing date(s) for forums where primary and nonpartisan candidates will be invited to debate each other and take Q and A from residents. In the meantime, if you’re a qualified candidate, please click below to let us know about your background and intent for your prospective office:

Harry is the webmaster for the MCDP.

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