MCDC State Committee Election Minutes 2/27/2019

The purpose of this meeting is to conduct an election to select 5 delegates to the Georgia Democratic Party State Committee. The following persons submitted their names for consideration:

  • Val Almonor
  • Juanita Booker
  • Carolyn Hugley
  • Patricia Lassiter
  • Walter Nesbitt
  • Chris Parker
  • David Smith
  • Harry Underwood

Attendance: According to the sign-in sheet, 38 persons were in attendance.

Record of Proceedings

The meeting was called to order by the MCDC Chairwoman, Laura Walker, at 6:10pm. Ms. Walker welcomed everyone and encouraged those who had not signed in to do so, and for all Post members to grab a clipboard, pen and ballot.

The roles and responsibilities of members of the delegates were reviewed with the group. The election process was explained. All candidates would be given 1-2 minutes to give speech to the group. At the conclusion of the speeches, voting would take place. Once voting was completed, Deborah Davis and Ozia Scott would collect all the ballots and record the votes. Per GDP ruled (6.8) the candidate receiving the most votes would be seated first. The candidate of the opposite gender receiving the most votes would be seated second. The process would proceed in that fashion alternating gender until all 5 seats were filled. If there was a tie vote, a runoff election would be conducted between the two candidates also using signed ballots. Ms. Walker stated that according to GDP rule 6.9 all votes must be made by signed paper ballot, a show of hands or voice vote. Opportunities were given for the candidates to give a 1-2 minute speech to the group. At the conclusion of the speeches, Ms. Walker called the vote. The votes were collected, Ms. Davis and Mr. Scott left the meeting room to conduct the vote tally. The following were elected as representatives of the state DPG: Patricia Lassiter, David Smith, Carolyn Hugley, Walter Nesbitt, Juanita Booker. Vote totals: 39 votes were submitted. 3 votes were eliminated because they were not signed. All counted votes were signed and verified by the counters, however not all voters signed in.


Next meeting: Tuesday March 5, 2019 at the Main Library Macon Road; Synovus Room B at 6:00pm. Post Committee Meeting. The Post Committee will be reviewing committee assignments and make recommendations to the MCDC of areas of overlap with the goal of streamlining committee roles. Ms. Walker indicated that after the Post Committee meeting, a calendar of meetings will be published for the membership. She also indicated that MCDC members Toyia Tucker and Reggie Thompson are checking with their church Revelation Missionary Baptist Church to see if their gym can be used as a permanent meeting place. For the April meeting, Ms. Walker has secured the Main Library, Macon Rd, Synovus Room B. The meeting was adjourned 7:10pm.

Harry is the webmaster for the MCDP.