Congrats to the New DPG Leadership Team!

We would like to congratulate the new leadership team of the Democratic Party of Georgia for 2019-2023:

  • Chair: Sen. Nikema Williams
  • 1st Vice Chair: Mayor Ted Terry
  • Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment: Adrienne White
  • Vice Chair of Constituency Groups: Bee Nguyen
  • Vice Chair for Congressional Districts and County Liaison: Sarah Todd
  • Secretary: Justin Holsomback
  • Treasurer: Jason Esteves

In addition, we’d like to congratulate Bobby Fuse on his re-election as chair of the 2nd Congressional District Democrats.

Here is video from the election, courtesy of Lowndes County Democratic Committee Chair Gretchen Quarterman:

Opening and Business Speeches

Candidates for Chair

Candidates for 1st Vice Chair

Candidates for Vice Chair for Congressional Districts and County Liaison

Candidates for Vice Chair for Constituency Groups

Candidates for Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment

Keynote Address by fmr. Lt. Gov. Candidate Sarah Riggs Amico

Candidates for Secretary

Candidates for Treasurer

Summary of Results

  • Chair
    • Nikema Williams: 191 (nominated by Jen Rafanan, seconded by Louis Elrod)
    • Daniel Blackman: 53 (nominated by Otha Thornton, seconded by Jannell Blackman)
  • 1st Vice Chair
    • Ted Terry: 169 (nominated by Sukari Johnson, seconded by Doug Stoner)
    • Arnold L. Martin III: 63 (nominated by Myesha Good, seconded by Brenda Jordan)
  • Vice Chair of Congressional District Chairs and County Party Liaison
    • Sarah Todd: 155 (nominated by ???, seconded by Bobby Fuse)
    • John Ring: 29 (nominated by Lisa Ring, seconded by Julie Jordan)
    • Letitia “Tish” Naghise: 25 (nominated by ???, seconded by Derek Jackson)
    • Diane Brack Evans: 22 (nominated by Lowell Greenbaum, seconded by Quentin T. Howell)
  • Vice Chair for Constituency Groups
    • Bee Nguyen: 149 (nominated by Dasheika Ruffin, seconded by Wendy Davis)
    • Scout Smith: 82 (nominated by Kiddada Grey, seconded by Tom Johnson)
  • Vice Chair of Candidate Recruitment
    • Adrienne White: 135 (nominated by ???, seconded by Myesha Good)
    • Khalid Kamau: 51 (nominated by Gabriel Shippy, seconded by Sheikh Rahman)
    • Fred Swann: 36 (nominated by ???, seconded by Gretchen Quarterman)
  • Secretary (1st Round)
    • Ruth Demeter: 70 (nominated by Wendy Davis, seconded by Quentin T. Howell)
    • Justin Holsomback: 100 (nominated by TJ Copeland, seconded by Rachel Paule)
    • Joseph Ibarra Traina: 45 (nominated by Gabriel Shippy, seconded Michelle Sanchez)
  • Secretary (2nd Round)
    • Ruth Demeter: 72
    • Justin Holsomback: 105
  • Treasurer
    • Jason Esteves: 107 (nominated by ???, seconded by Carolyn Hugley)
    • Leonard Presberg: 99 (nominated by Derek Jackson, seconded by Patricia Lassiter)

Congressional Chairs Results

  • CD 01: Lisa Ring (no contest)
  • CD 02: Bob Fuse (incumbent, no contest)
  • CD 03: Jimmy Glenn (no contest)
  • CD 04: Ryan Barrett
  • CD 05: TJ Copeland (incumbent)
  • CD 06: Ben Myers (incumbent)
  • CD 07: Cheryl Williams (no contest)
  • CD 08: Fenika Miller (no contest)
  • CD 09: Joshua McCall (no contest)
  • CD 10: Norman Garrett
  • CD 11: Sheree Mason Giardino (no contest)
  • CD 12: Chris Johnson
  • CD 13: Myesha Good (incumbent, no contest)
  • CD 14: Lukis Newborn (no contest)

Harry is the webmaster for the MCDP.

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