Minutes of MCDC Post Committee Meeting November 27, 2017

Post Meeting
Columbus Library
27 November 2017
Opening Session: 6:07pm

Saundra Ellison, Presiding Chair

Minutes from previous post election distributed – Questions on other vacancies from members – Chairperson stated will have to have another election – Motions carried and approved for election held on 09 October 2017 for even numbered district.

Financial Report: Treasurer absent due to taking finals tonight – Chairperson reported ending balance of $4,856.93 in treasury including recent deposits.

Election Report – There is still a discrepancy on where person’s should serve. Carlo Newroth said new post member Ms. Florence has been moved to District 4.

Chairperson is looking at December date to fill other vacancies. Vice Chair Val asked Ms. Ellison to follow up on Post Nominees from Union Group for uneven districts. Motions carried and moved to have election 18 December. On 20 January, the Committee will host a county-wide general membership meeting. Recommendation came from Tom McDaniel to get Sheriff Donna Tompkins as speaker. Chairperson said committee will stay on track and have committee meetings every fourth Monday bi-monthly. Post assignments reviewed via handout. Reverend Chester was in an at-Large district, but moved to Park District. Therefore, he is in District 9 by default and so is Bennie Newroth.

  • District 2 > needs representation
  • Oliver Bouiden and Tom McDaniel live in District 2, but requested at-Large status
  • Teddy Reese moved from District 7 to Midtown Avenue and should be in District 3. This District I full.
  • Addresses are unknown of Ms. Laney and Mr. Land. John Land is assigned in District 7 but is in an at-Large slot.
  • Carlo Newroth will try to finalize all post positions and will email.

New Business

Invitation to Cordele, GA for training on Saturday. A van will be secured for the session and holds up to 15 person’s. Sample agenda will be “Vote Builders”, “DPG Training”, “District Organization” and 2018 Calendar.

General Meeting – Chairperson suggests time of 10:30am to 1:00pm. John Land will Chair Strategic Planning Committee and work on 2018 Calendar. Volunteers are: Dominique Perkins, James Washington, Linda Parker, Nathan Laney and Carlo Newroth.Others can sign up.

Chairman requests standing committees to begin meeting. They are requested to identify Chair, have an agenda and written reports will follow.

Committee need to get people to register to vote in their districts. Sandra will email strategic plan to all volunteers on Planning Committee.


  • Patricia Lassiter is recruiting volunteers for Senate race in Alabama (Jones vs Moore). She wants volunteers for caucusing and phone banking.
  • Harry Underwood said NAACP is hosting Primus King Luncheon next month.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:35pm

Linda Richburg – Recorder

Harry is the webmaster for the MCDP.

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