Year: 2016

MCDP Statement on the 2016 Election

Our party wishes to thank everyone who volunteered or worked in canvassing, phone banking, mass-texting, voter carpool, technical operations and office management for Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, Jim Barksdale, Donna Tompkins and Ann Hardman this year. While we clearly did

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VIDEO: DPG Chair DuBose Porter Visits MCDP Office

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No on Amendment 1

For those who plan to vote on November 8th. The first Proposed Constitutional Amendment question on our ballot is: “Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow the state to intervene in chronically failing public schools in order to

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Key Benefits to Early Voting

Key benefits of early in person voting are: Reduced stress on the voting system on Election Day; Shorter lines on Election Day; Improved poll worker performance; Early identification and correction of registration errors and voting system glitches; and Greater access

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VIDEO: Muscogee Young Democrats Host Opportunity School Districts Town Hall

Muscogee County Young Dems are opposed to Amendment 1, as is the Muscogee County Democratic Party.

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